March 21, 2011

Pre- Wedding Shoot- Joy & Peter

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Joy and Peter are a very cool couple. As you can see from the images below, we had a lot of fun on this pre- wedding shoot! We started with a few nice shots in a field, then moved on to a very glamorous location at an abandoned warehouse! Peter can rock his hats, can’t he?!

Peter also told me he didn’t like getting his picture taken! I think he soon got into the swing of it!


Lindsay McWilliam : 17:37 March 28, 2011 Reply
Fab site Emma - well done!
Andrew Ward : 17:38 March 28, 2011 Reply
Nice work Emma, cool stuff!
Julie burden : 20:39 March 28, 2011 Reply
Your website looks amazing and your images are fantastic, well done and i wish you all the best xo
Susanne McNeilly : 22:02 March 28, 2011 Reply
Hi Emma. Your website is amazing and so are your photographs!!
    Emma : 19:39 March 29, 2011 Reply
    Thanks for your kind comments!
Laura Hutchinson : 13:26 March 30, 2011 Reply
Emma, your website is stunning!
louise van der merwe : 21:37 March 30, 2011 Reply
awesome stuff - i love the shots/editing :) - looking forward to seeing some more work of yours
Paula O'Hara : 09:27 April 6, 2011 Reply
Hi Emma. This pre-wedding shoot is awesome. Love the shots at the red door. What cool clients!:)
Louise C : 22:01 May 18, 2011 Reply
Loving your work! Joy and Peter scrub up well!

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