Hannah & Ruby


I had a fun afternoon with Hannah and Ruby, back when the sun was shining brightly! The girls showed me their favourite toys and introduced me to their pup, Bo.  I had no trouble persuading the girls to smile- they had been practicing their best poses!

We decided to make good use of the sunshine and headed out to a nearby field, where we all ran about like mad things, Bo included!

Here’s Bo, working it for the camera- how cute!

We persuaded Mum and Dad to get in front of the camera for a few shots!

We then headed to the beach, where we all had some yummy ice- creams. What is it about the beach that makes you want to eat lots of ice- cream?! And is it bad that I have the same taste as the under 10’s?! I do love bubblegum ice-cream!

Hannah and Ruby made me feel like the most hilarious person! Thanks for a great afternoon girls!



  1. Andrew Ward

    Nice work, really like the black and white ones on the beach!

  2. Lauren R

    So cute! What happy little girls, love their big smiles. I agree, the black and white shots on the beach are something special, beautiful work 🙂

  3. Lindsay

    These are lovely Emma – especially the black and white images.

  4. Deborah Anne

    Looks like a real fun shoot, I love the beach shots 🙂


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