July 23, 2011

The day I met Jasmine Star…



You know how meeting someone you’ve admired for a long time can be a huge, massive, all- encompassing let down?  Well, this wasn’t one of those times.  I can honestly say that Jasmine Star and her fab hubby JD are two of the most genuine, friendly and helpful people I have ever met!

When Kat Williams of Rock n’ Roll Bride fame persuaded Jasmine to come to London to host a workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to attend.  After all, this was the person who has taken the wedding photography world by storm in only a few short years in business.  And I love her blog!  She didn’t disappoint!

Our venue was the stunning One Marylebone, and what a gorgeous spot it was!  After a morning discussing branding (with plenty of tea breaks and tasty treats), our afternoon was spent shooting real life couple Rachel and Dan.  It was great seeing Jasmine in action, putting them at ease even though they had 20 cameras pointing at them!

We had to come up with three words which best describe our photography.  After a moment of mind freeze, I came up with fun, relaxed and quirky.  I hope the next couple of shots sum these words up.


The main thing that has stood out from the day was to be yourself.  Sounds obvious, but championing your own individuality will lead to the greatest success.

I want to thank Jasmine and JD for making the trip across the pond and braving the weather to inspire us.  And thanks to Kat for making it all happen.  The suppliers were wonderful and I have linked to them below:



Venue: One Marylebone http://www.onemarylebone.com/ (Alicia)
Flowers: Pollen Nation http://www.pollen-nation.co.uk/
Cakes: Restoration Cake http://www.restorationcake.co.uk/ (mini cakes) and The Art of Cake http://janetmohapibanks.com/(large ‘rose’ cake)
Furniture (chairs/tables/screen/sofas): Great Hire http://www.greathire.co.uk/
Caterers: The Recipe http://www.the-recipe.co.uk/
Hair: Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection http://www.hepburncollection.com/
Make Up: Elbie Van Eeden http://elbiehairandmakeup.wordpress.com/
Behind the Scenes Video: Richard Wakefield of FX Films http://www.fxfilms.co.uk/
Organiser/general dogsbody: Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride www.rocknrollbride.com
Models: Rachel & Dan





Caroine Nicholson : 18:04 July 23, 2011 Reply
Beautiful images Emma, they really capture the day, a ral pleasure to meet you too. xxxx
Lauren R : 18:10 July 23, 2011 Reply
Whhhhaaaaaa?!! You went to see Jasmine?! That's very cool. Last shot is stunning :)
    Emma : 18:14 July 23, 2011 Reply
    Pretty cool to meet the J*, eh?! And she is just as nice in real life as she seems on her blog!
Jasmine Star : 18:28 July 23, 2011 Reply
Love it! Thanks SO much for coming out, Emma! xoxo
Cristina Rossi : 18:36 July 23, 2011 Reply
Wasn't it all wonderful? Beautiful post and gorgeous images! xx
Cathie Heart : 19:11 July 23, 2011 Reply
Hi Emma, it was fantastic to meet you. I hope your long journey home went well. I love the image in the middle just above your '3 words' .. his smile and the way they are leaning into each other while walking is just beautiful!
jessica Roberts : 22:36 July 23, 2011 Reply
Beautiful post Emma - it was so lovely to meet you. I love your site and branding by the way very gorgeous and you x
DENISE NOONE : 07:56 July 24, 2011 Reply
Lovely post and charming website. It is a pleasure to relive the day, it sure was a grand day. My only regret was not getting to speak to yourself much but I am sure we can keep in contact on line. Den x
kat rock n roll bride : 12:52 July 24, 2011 Reply
your photos are beautiful! love the black & whites
Andrew Ward : 20:05 July 24, 2011 Reply
Sounds like a fab day, lovely shots.
Connormcc : 15:14 July 26, 2011 Reply
I'm ridiculously jealous of you Emma... great photos, especially that wee black and white at the end...
Deborah Anne : 16:49 August 26, 2011 Reply
Wow, sounds an amazing day. V jealous! Fab images Emma.

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