Alice & Kate




This lovely little session was organised as a surprise for Kate and Alice.  The girls used this as a great excuse to buy new clothes!  Girls after my own heart!

It was one of the better days of summer we’ve had so far- ie, no torrential rain!  I had spied out the rusty containers a while ago and had been waiting for a good opportunity to use them as a backdrop. I just love the colours!


Kate and Peter know how to work it for the camera!

All my portrait work is done on location using natural light. I sometimes get asked why I don’t do the white background studio thing.  I love the creativity of using different locations to come up with relaxed portraits, which hopefully express lots of personality.  Plus, its a lot more fun then been couped up in a studio with hot lights burning down on you!  If you’d like to book a family portrait session please drop me a line at



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  1. Andrew Ward

    You can’t beat a rusty container! Good stuff.


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