Lauren & Kevin- Wedding


I have a busy weekend ahead- I’m off to the Wedding Journal Show in Belfast. Feel free to drop by stand F17 for a nosey! Before I head off, I thought I would spoil you with a blog!

It was a winning combination of gorgeous sunshine and stunning location for the wedding of Lauren and Kevin at Northbrook Park.  It was a wonderful treat to have the sun make an appearance.  This was my first wedding where the ceremony and reception took place at the one venue, and how lovely it was!  There were no worries about taking a wrong turn or getting caught behind a slow moving tractor!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day- hope you enjoy!

Who would have thought a woodshed would provide such a cool background?  The men enjoyed the posing!

There were games on the lawn- giant Jenga is always a winner!

Its always great to work with David Morgan, so a big thanks to him!




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