October 10, 2011

Riona & Allan- Pre- Wedding Shoot



We had it all planned.  A glorious pre- wedding shoot down on the beach in summer- what could be nicer?  Of course we should have known that the weather in Northern Ireland is anything but predictable! Even though we got rained on FOUR times, we still had a lovely afternoon!

Meet Captain Rory! When I heard that he had brought along his pirate outfit, I was thinking he might just have a pirate hat. Oh no- Rory takes dressing up very seriously- he had a hat, wig, eye patch, jacket, trousers and sword! A very impressive outfit, and very cute!

If we had looked at those clouds looming, we might have realised we were about to be soaked! But there was too much fun being had fishing for sharks!

This shot as taken about 10 seconds before the heavens opened…

By the end of the session Allan was loving all the posing!  Check back soon for their wedding pics!




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