Philippa & Jonathan- Crawfordsburn Country Park Pre-wedding shoot



Philippa & Jonathan_0001

I have a treat on the blog for you this evening! I met Philippa and Jonathan at Crawfordsburn Park for an early morning stroll.  We managed to catch some morning rays and the last of the autumn colours.  I loved hearing all about their wedding plans and  I can’t wait for their Christmas wedding next week in a Scottish castle!  It will be epic!
Philippa & Jonathan_0002 Philippa & Jonathan_0003 Philippa & Jonathan_0004 Philippa & Jonathan_0005 Philippa & Jonathan_0006 Philippa & Jonathan_0007 Philippa & Jonathan_0008 Philippa & Jonathan_0009 Philippa & Jonathan_0010 Philippa & Jonathan_0011 Philippa & Jonathan_0012 Philippa & Jonathan_0013 Philippa & Jonathan_0014


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  1. Andrew Ward

    Nice work Emma, can’t wait to see the wedding photos!


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