Scottish Wedding Photography- Philippa & Jonathan, Comlongon Castle


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Just before Christmas, I headed over to Dumfries in Scotland to document the wedding of Philippa and Jonathan.  They had chosen the wonderful Comlongon Castle, around from the 15th century, as their atmospheric venue.  They were married by candlelight in the castle’s medieval keep, surrounded by their closest friends and family.  After a beautiful meal, the happy couple took part in an ancient Celtic custom of the Laird’s Blessing.  Their hands were bound with cords to represent their contract.  I also discovered where the phrase “jump the broom” comes from!  In the evening, guests had a lot of fun at the ceilidh.  Here are a few of my favourites from the day!


Philippa & Jonathan_0001 Philippa & Jonathan_0002 Philippa & Jonathan_0003 Philippa & Jonathan_0004 Philippa & Jonathan_0005 Philippa & Jonathan_0006 Philippa & Jonathan_0007 Philippa & Jonathan_0008 Philippa & Jonathan_0009 Philippa & Jonathan_0010 Philippa & Jonathan_0011 Philippa & Jonathan_0012 Philippa & Jonathan_0013 Philippa & Jonathan_0014

Philippa & Jonathan_0015
Philippa & Jonathan_0016 Philippa & Jonathan_0017 Philippa & Jonathan_0018 Philippa & Jonathan_0019
Philippa & Jonathan_0028

scottish wedding photography Philippa & Jonathan_0021 Philippa & Jonathan_0022 Philippa & Jonathan_0023 Philippa & Jonathan_0024 Philippa & Jonathan_0025 Philippa & Jonathan_0026



  1. Andrew Ward

    Looks like a great day Emma, fab venue!

  2. Jonathan Revels

    Thanks for everything on the day Emma! It was just the relaxed affair we were hoping for.
    The photos are super, you really managed to capture the mood on the day, which is what we wanted!

    • Emma

      Thanks so much, Jonathan! It was a lovely day and a pleasure to work with you both!


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