May 13, 2013

Northern Ireland Wedding Photography- Jenny & Chris’ pre-wedding shoot at Mussenden Temple

Pre-Wedding Shoots


Belfast wedding photography


Jenny and Chris chose the fab Mussenden Temple as the location for their pre-wedding shoot.  You really can’t beat the scenery in this part of the world (now all we need is just a little bit of sunshine!).  We had a walk around and ended up on the beach- isn’t it great to combine photography and exercise at the same time?!  I can’t wait for their wedding at Lissanoure Castle, which promises to be a great day!  Let’s hope it’s just a little warmer…


Jenny&Chris_0001 Jenny&Chris_0002 Jenny&Chris_0003 Jenny&Chris_0004 Jenny&Chris_0005 Jenny&Chris_0006 Jenny&Chris_0007 Jenny&Chris_0008 Jenny&Chris_0009 Jenny&Chris_0010 Jenny&Chris_0011 Jenny&Chris_0012 Jenny&Chris_0013


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