Northern Ireland pre-wedding photography- Sara and Darrell




The countdown is on! Sara and Darrell are getting married in just over one week’s time, so I thought I would share their pre-wedding shoot with you.  We met at Florence Court, which is such a beautiful place with lots of interesting spaces.  Sara and Darrell have a sweet daughter, Saorla, so we got some family shots too.  The plan was to take a boat out on Lough Erne, but the weather didn’t play ball.  Probably best, as I don’t have great sea legs, so things could have gotten messy!  Sara had planned a lovely picnic, so it was a pity that gale force winds were blowing through!  The weather didn’t dampen spirits though, and we had a great laugh!

Anyway, I can’t wait for their big day, I can tell it will be a good one!

Sara&Darrell_0002 Sara&Darrell_0004 Sara&Darrell_0005 Sara&Darrell_0006 Sara&Darrell_0007 Sara&Darrell_0008 Sara&Darrell_0009 Sara&Darrell_0010 Sara&Darrell_0011 Sara&Darrell_0012 Sara&Darrell_0013
Sara&Darrell_0015 Sara&Darrell_0016 Sara&Darrell_0017



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