July 18, 2013

Northern Ireland pre-wedding photography- Katheryn & Jonny

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Northern Ireland pre-wedding photography

I had fun down on the farm with Katheryn and Jonny.  We wandered round the farm, finding lots of interesting pops of red and we had a few nosey livestock watching us!  I even had a sneak peek at a very special tractor, which made a guest appearance on their big day!  Check back soon for their wedding blog!

Katheryn&Jonny_0002 Katheryn&Jonny_0003
Katheryn&Jonny_0005 Katheryn&Jonny_0006 Katheryn&Jonny_0007 Katheryn&Jonny_0008 Katheryn&Jonny_0009 Katheryn&Jonny_0010 Katheryn&Jonny_0011 Katheryn&Jonny_0012 Katheryn&Jonny_0013 Katheryn&Jonny_0014 Katheryn&Jonny_0015


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