July 19, 2013

Northern Ireland newborn photography- Baby Violet

newborn photography



It really is a hard life being a baby. Being so cute uses up a lot of energy!  Violet tried to keep her eyes open to watch what the strange woman with a camera was doing, but eventually her eyes became so heavy she drifted off into a deep sleep!  Patience pays off, and we were able to get some gorgeous shots of her.  Those first few weeks fly by, so it is wonderful for parents to be able to remember how tiny they started out.  Such a sweet new family!


Northern Ireland newborn photography Violet_0003 Violet_0004 Violet_0005

Violet_0010 Violet_0006 Violet_0007 Violet_0009



Jenny Kernohan : 11:43 July 19, 2013 Reply
You're right Emma, it's amazing how quickly time flies. It's lovely being able to have these beautiful photos of Violet looking so tiny and sleepy!
    Emma : 17:18 July 19, 2013 Reply
    I bet she is has grown so much, Jenny! Thanks so much for allowing me to document such a special time!

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