Lissanoure Castle wedding photography- Jenny & Chris


Jenny& Chris_0000


Jenny and Chris picked a fantastic day to get married at the end of May. The sun was shining and it was such a relaxed and happy day, from start to finish.  I knew it was going to be a cracker day when the girls started busting some dance moves from the hen party in the kitchen!

They chose the lovely Lissanoure Castle as their venue and all their guests enjoyed mingling in the courtyard, listening to some beautiful music and sampling some specially brewed beer!

The ceilidh band got the party started and there were some funky moves being thrown on the dance floor! As a special treat, Chris’ university band reformed to play a set, and the crowd went wild!  All in all, it was a great day! Enjoy some highlights!

Jenny& Chris_0000a Jenny& Chris_0000b Jenny& Chris_0001 Jenny& Chris_0001a Jenny& Chris_0002 Lissanoure Castle wedding photography

Jenny& Chris_0004 Jenny& Chris_0003a
Jenny& Chris_0005a Jenny& Chris_0006 Jenny& Chris_0006a Jenny& Chris_0007 Jenny& Chris_0008 Jenny& Chris_0009
Jenny& Chris_0011 Jenny& Chris_0011a Jenny& Chris_0012 Jenny& Chris_0013 Jenny& Chris_0013a Jenny& Chris_0013b Lissanoure Castle wedding photography Jenny& Chris_0014 Jenny& Chris_0015 Jenny& Chris_0016 Lissanoure Castle wedding photography

Jenny& Chris_0043 Jenny& Chris_0019
Lissanoure Castle wedding photography

Jenny& Chris_0019a Jenny& Chris_0022

Jenny& Chris_0022b Jenny& Chris_0022a
Jenny& Chris_0023 Jenny& Chris_0024 Jenny& Chris_0025 Jenny& Chris_0026 Jenny& Chris_0039 Jenny& Chris_0043




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  1. Jenny

    Thanks so much Emma, you really have captured the day beautifully!


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