Northern Ireland pre-wedding photography- Alison and Samuel


northern Ireland engagement photography

A few weeks ago I met Alison and Samuel at the White Rocks beach, Portrush, for their pre-wedding shoot.  What an evening!  We couldn’t have asked for better, with gorgeous golden sunshine!  It was a fun-filled evening, and my cheeks were sore for all the laughing we did! A Spanish tourist was very interested in what was going on, and prompted Samuel to read an extract from “The Friendship Book” to his future bride!

I can’t wait for their wedding in just a few weeks, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!
Alison & Samuel_0002 Alison & Samuel_0003 Alison & Samuel_0004 Alison & Samuel_0005 Alison & Samuel_0006

Alison & Samuel_0008 Alison & Samuel_0007
Alison & Samuel_0009 Alison & Samuel_0010
Alison & Samuel_0012 Alison & Samuel_0013 Alison & Samuel_0014 Alison & Samuel_0016 Alison & Samuel_0017 Alison & Samuel_0018



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