Northern Ireland pre-wedding photography- Carolynne & Stuart


wedding photography Northern Ireland

I loved this session! Carolynne and Stuart chose such a cool location for their pre-wedding shoot- an old mill near Derry. It was a dream location, full of interesting backdrops and light! I could have shot there all day and with Carolynne and Stuart being such naturals in front of the camera, I was in my element!

Their wedding is tomorrow, so check back soon for more pictures of this great couple!

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Engagement photos Northern Ireland
Londonderry wedding photography

Carolynne&Stuart_0010 Carolynne&Stuart_0009 Carolynne&Stuart_0008 Carolynne&Stuart_0007 Carolynne&Stuart_0006 Belfast engagement photography Derry wedding photography




  1. Nicola

    fab locations and lovely shots, love the light! 🙂

    • Emma

      Thanks, Nicola! I loved this shoot- such a great couple!


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