Sea-side shoot- Jennifer and Conan


Jennifer and Conan_0000

I met Jennifer and Conan in Greencastle, Donegal for their sunny but rather chilly pre-wedding shoot.  Jennifer looked great in her red dress (I always love a pop of colour) and Conan scrubbed up well himself!

After the beach, we decided to venture up the hill, where we were greeted by an amazing view over to Magilligan. The wind brought a tear to our eyes, so we braved it long enough to get a few shots, then gladly jumped into the heat of the car!

Can’t believe that their wedding is only a matter of weeks away, so do check back soon for some wedding pics!

Jennifer and Conan_0001 Jennifer and Conan_0002 Jennifer and Conan_0003 Jennifer and Conan_0004 Jennifer and Conan_0005 Jennifer and Conan_0006 Jennifer and Conan_0007 Jennifer and Conan_0008 Jennifer and Conan_0009 Jennifer and Conan_0010 Jennifer and Conan_0011 Jennifer and Conan_0012 Jennifer and Conan_0013


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