October 8, 2013

Northern Ireland newborn photography- Noah

newborn photography


Northern Ireland newborn photography

Oh, I have a special treat for you this morning!  Amongst the busyness of wedding season, there appears to have been something of a baby boom!  So keep an eye out for lots of Northern Ireland newborn photography sessions coming your way soon.

First up is Noah.  My dear friends Laura and Solomon have been blessed to welcome this bundle of cuteness into their lives!  With his big brown eyes, beautiful hair and gorgeous dimples, its clear to see this wee man will be a heartbreaker! Everyone who meets him is smitten!  He’s an inquisitive little fellow, just wanting to see what was going on! We had a bit of persuading to do to get him to sleep, but it was worth it!

Its an absolute privilege to document this special stage and looking back, its hard to believe they were ever this tiny!


Northern Ireland newborn photography Noah_0001
Noah_0004 Northern Ireland newborn photography Noah_0006 Northern Ireland newborn photography Noah_0008 Northern Ireland newborn photography Noah_0010 Noah_0011 Noah_0013 Noah_0014 Noah_0012

 If you’d like to book your bundle of joy in for a newborn session, please do get in touch!  They are best within the first 14 days of life, so make sure to book well ahead of time!


Lauren Rutherford : 10:02 October 8, 2013 Reply
Ahhhh what a cute baby!! Congratulations Laura and Solomon, great photos Emma, love that wee pout :)
    Emma : 10:08 October 8, 2013 Reply
    Thanks, Lauren! I think he might be a wee model in the making!
Louise : 17:34 October 8, 2013 Reply
You are so right about this wee man, definite heartbreaker! Great photos to remember this stage by as he is growing up so fast!
    Emma : 23:05 October 8, 2013 Reply
    Thanks Lou! A very proud auntie, I'm sure!
Laura : 19:41 October 9, 2013 Reply
Thanks so much Emma!! He's so cute and you have captured him so well!! One proud mummy!

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