Northern Ireland newborn photography- Ben


Ben is a wee dote!  I met him when he was just a couple of weeks old and already he was so alert and taking it all in!  With a little bit of milk and a lot of cuddles, we convinced him to take a nap, allowing us to get those sweet sleepy shots!  It’s so lovely to be able to document this special time- they really do grow so fast!

I recommend newborn sessions happening within 14 days of birth, when baby is still really sleepy! I work with natural light, and I can travel to your house.  Don’t stress too much about outfits for baby- newborns look best in their natural state.  Depending on how baby settles, the session can last from between an hour and a half to three hours.  Patience is the key!  If you’d like to book a newborn photography session, please get in touch.

Northern Ireland newborn photography Northern Ireland newborn photography Ben_0008 Northern Ireland newborn photography Ben_0006 Ben_0005 Northern Ireland newborn photography Ben_0003 Ben_0002 Northern Ireland newborn photography



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