Larchfield Estate wedding photography- Alison and Samuel



Larchfield Estate wedding photography


Hello, blog! Its been a while since we last spoke.  I’ve been in the editing cave, trying to get lots of beautiful wedding albums all ready for Santa to deliver by Christmas! I’m getting there, slowly but surely!  Here is a wee treat for you this winter’s evening-Alison and Samuel‘s lovely Larchfield Estate wedding photography.  This was the first wedding that I shot there, so I was really looking forward to it! I’d heard lots of good things about it as a venue from other Northern Ireland wedding photographer friends, and it didn’t disappoint! Add to that a cracking couple, and it was a recipe for a great day!  Alison and Samuel had allowed plenty of time for portraits on the day, so we had an enjoyable wander around the beautiful gardens.

The speeches were very entertaining, with the highlight for me being the song performed by Alison’s brother! Move over X- Factor! Instead of a first dance, which I know a lot of couples dread, they decided to have lots of games instead.  Even I wasn’t safe on the sidelines, and got grabbed for a round or two of musical chairs! All in all, it was a wonderful day, and here are a few (ok, a lot!) of my favourites!

Belfast wedding photographers_0100


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Larchfield Estate wedding photography

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