Pre-wedding photography Northern Ireland- Jill & Robert



Jill and Robert had wanted somewhere a bit different for their pre-wedding photos, which is music to my ears! We decided on this old mill, where Jill’s granny used to work.  I love it when couples want to use a location that means something to them.  There was so much history there, if only the walls could talk! We had so much fun discovering interesting corners and dodging the pigeons!

What is so great about having a pre-wedding session is that firstly you get some lovely shots of you both, but also it really puts you at ease in front of the camera. It means that you know what to expect on your wedding day, so its one less thing to worry about- happy days! That’s why I offer a complimentary pre-wed to all my clients- its a win-win situation!!!

Update: Click here to see a sneak peek of Jill and Robert’s wedding!



Jill&Robert_0013Jill&Robert_0004Jill&Robert_0006Jill&Robert_0008 Jill&Robert_0009 Jill&Robert_0010Jill&Robert_0014







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