Cromleach Lodge wedding -Deirdre and Stephen, Sligo



Cromleach Lodge weddingDeirdre&Stephen_0000


I have a bit of catching up to do with this blogging malarky!  Here is a lovely one from last summer.  I took a road trip down to Sligo for Deirdre and Stephen’s Cromleach Lodge wedding.  And what a setting it was, set high above Lough Arrow, the views were amazing!

It was a real family celebration, and everybody was so delighted for the happy couple!

We decided to get some couple portraits by the edge of the lough, with some dramatic skies as a backdrop.

On your wedding day, I don’t want to miss out on mingling with your guests, which is why I recommend keeping your formal group shots to a minimum. That means you are able to relax and enjoy your day, and I’m able to capture your guests enjoying themselves- its a win win situation!

Here are some of my favourites from the day!

Deirdre&Stephen_0001 Deirdre&Stephen_0002 Deirdre&Stephen_0003 Deirdre&Stephen_0004 Deirdre&Stephen_0005 Deirdre&Stephen_0006 Deirdre&Stephen_0007 Deirdre&Stephen_0008 Deirdre&Stephen_0009 Deirdre&Stephen_0010 Deirdre&Stephen_0011 Deirdre&Stephen_0012 Deirdre&Stephen_0013 Deirdre&Stephen_0014 Deirdre&Stephen_0015 Deirdre&Stephen_0016 Deirdre&Stephen_0017 Deirdre&Stephen_0018 Deirdre&Stephen_0019 Deirdre&Stephen_0020 Deirdre&Stephen_0021 Deirdre&Stephen_0022Deirdre&Stephen_0024 Deirdre&Stephen_0025 Deirdre&Stephen_0026 Cromleach Lodge wedding Deirdre&Stephen_0028 Cromleach Lodge wedding Deirdre&Stephen_0030 Cromleach Lodge wedding Deirdre&Stephen_0032 Cromleach Lodge wedding Deirdre&Stephen_0036 Deirdre&Stephen_0037 Deirdre&Stephen_0037a Deirdre&Stephen_0038 Deirdre&Stephen_0039 Deirdre&Stephen_0040 Deirdre&Stephen_0042 Deirdre&Stephen_0042a Deirdre&Stephen_0043 Deirdre&Stephen_0044 Deirdre&Stephen_0045 Deirdre&Stephen_0046 Deirdre&Stephen_0047

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  1. Alison Buchanan

    What a lovely wedding – the photos down by the lough are stunning – what a fantastic backdrop.


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