Portrush wedding photography- Katie and Jonny


Portrush wedding photographyKatie&Jonny_0000

There’s major shoe envy this evening! I loved Katie’s shoes and I did wonder if she’d notice if I started wearing them! I did have a bit of competition, as the little flower girls also took a liking to the red soled beauties!

Fans of the Game of Thrones may notice a familiar sight.  The Dark Hedges is a dramatic stretch of road, which has become very popular since being featured on the show. Being close by to where they live, Katie and Jonny made time to stop off for a few pictures, very cool!

It was a fun filled day, with plenty of craic and laughter! And no good wedding is complete with the obligatory conga!

Katie&Jonny_0001 Katie&Jonny_0002 Katie&Jonny_0003 Katie&Jonny_0004 Katie&Jonny_0005 Katie&Jonny_0006 Katie&Jonny_0007 Katie&Jonny_0008 Katie&Jonny_0009 Katie&Jonny_0010 Portrush wedding photography Katie&Jonny_0012 Katie&Jonny_0013 Katie&Jonny_0014 Katie&Jonny_0015 Katie&Jonny_0016 Katie&Jonny_0017 Katie&Jonny_0018 Katie&Jonny_0019 Katie&Jonny_0020 Katie&Jonny_0021 Katie&Jonny_0022 Portrush wedding photography Portrush wedding photography Katie&Jonny_0025 Katie&Jonny_0026 Dark Hedges wedding Katie&Jonny_0028 Dark Hedges wedding Dark Hedges wedding Katie&Jonny_0031 Katie&Jonny_0032 Katie&Jonny_0033 Katie&Jonny_0034 Katie&Jonny_0035 Katie&Jonny_0036 Katie&Jonny_0037 Katie&Jonny_0038 Katie&Jonny_0039


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