Crom Estate wedding- Jilly & Derek


I have a special treat on the blog today! It’s the Crom Estate wedding of Jilly and Derek.  This couple are really some of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet! You may remember their cool Belfast pre-wedding shoot?

The morning of the wedding was a chilled out affair- nothing better than a fry up made by your dad to set you up for the day! There was even a FaceTime call from a friend in Australia, who didn’t want to miss out on any of the excitement!

They had worked so hard on making the whole day a reflection of them and the room at Crom Estate was beautiful! Jilly’s brother had created lights out of jars, which were just stunning, and earns him major brother points in my opinion!

Time just seems to be flying by so quickly! I have lots of gorgeous weddings and engagement sessions to share with you, so please check back soon for those!



Jilly&Derek_0015 Jilly&Derek_0016 Jilly&Derek_0017 Jilly&Derek_0018 Jilly&Derek_0019 Jilly&Derek_0020 Jilly&Derek_0021 Jilly&Derek_0022 Jilly&Derek_0023 Jilly&Derek_0024 Jilly&Derek_0025 Jilly&Derek_0026 Jilly&Derek_0027 Jilly&Derek_0028 Jilly&Derek_0029 Jilly&Derek_0030 Jilly&Derek_0031 Jilly&Derek_0032 Jilly&Derek_0033 Jilly&Derek_0034 Jilly&Derek_0035 Jilly&Derek_0036 Jilly&Derek_0037 Jilly&Derek_0038 Crom Estate wedding Jilly&Derek_0040 Jilly&Derek_0041 Jilly&Derek_0042 Jilly&Derek_0043

 Jilly&Derek_0044 Jilly&Derek_0045 Crom Estate wedding

Jilly&Derek_0049 Jilly&Derek_0050 Jilly&Derek_0051 Jilly&Derek_0052 Jilly&Derek_0053 Jilly&Derek_0054 Jilly&Derek_0055 Jilly&Derek_0056



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