Causeway coast wedding- Heather and Ryan




Heather & Ryan_0000


To say it was a wee bit damp on Heather and Ryan’s causeway coast wedding day would be an understatement! Even the ducks needed wellies! But it didn’t stop everyone from enjoying themselves!

It was a lovely occasion, involving the whole family and the very important Alfie the dog! He loved getting dressed up and being centre of attention!

Heather and Ryan had their couple shots taken in some old barns, which one day will be transformed into their new home!

And a big thanks to my friend Colin Tuff, who helped me out on the day.


Heather & Ryan_0001 Heather & Ryan_0002 Heather & Ryan_0003 Heather & Ryan_0004 Heather & Ryan_0005 Heather & Ryan_0007 Heather & Ryan_0008 Heather & Ryan_0009 Heather & Ryan_0010 Heather & Ryan_0011 Heather & Ryan_0012 Heather & Ryan_0013 Heather & Ryan_0014 Heather & Ryan_0015 Heather & Ryan_0016 Heather & Ryan_0017 Heather & Ryan_0018 Heather & Ryan_0019 Heather & Ryan_0020 Heather & Ryan_0021 Heather & Ryan_0022 Heather & Ryan_0022a Heather & Ryan_0023 Heather & Ryan_0025 Heather & Ryan_0026 Heather & Ryan_0027 Heather & Ryan_0028 Heather & Ryan_0029 Heather & Ryan_0030 Heather & Ryan_0031 Heather & Ryan_0032 Heather & Ryan_0033 Heather & Ryan_0034 Heather & Ryan_0035 Heather & Ryan_0036 Heather & Ryan_0037 Heather & Ryan_0039 Heather & Ryan_0040 Heather & Ryan_0041 Heather & Ryan_0042 Heather & Ryan_0043 Heather & Ryan_0044 Heather & Ryan_0045 Heather & Ryan_0046 Heather & Ryan_0047 Heather & Ryan_0048


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