White Park Bay engagement photos- Gemma and Kevin




White Park Bay engagement photos


Next up on the blog are Gemma and Kevin’s White Park Bay engagement photos!

White Park Bay is close to where Gemma grew up, so it was great to be able to take their engagement photos there.  What a stunning place!  It was amazing having the whole beach to ourselves, apart from a few grazing cattle!

Kevin is French, so I tried to remember back to my GCSE French. I don’t think asking how to get to the train station would be useful in this situation, though! I will have to brush up on my phrases for their upcoming wedding!  Lissanoure Castle will be lovely.

I’m slowly getting through my blogging backlog, so keep your eyes peeled for lots more wedding goodness coming soon!

In the meantime, here are some favourites from Gemma and Kevin’s session!  Such a sweet couple!

Gemma and kevin_0001Gemma and kevin_0003 Gemma and kevin_0004 Gemma and kevin_0005 Gemma and kevin_0006 Gemma and kevin_0007 Gemma and kevin_0008 Gemma and kevin_0009Gemma and kevin_0011 Gemma and kevin_0012 White Park Bay engagement photos Gemma and kevin_0014


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