Galgorm Four Seasons wedding- Noelle and Stuart


Galgorm Four Seasons wedding


Next up on the blog is Noelle and Stuart’s Galgorm Four Seasons wedding.   Their pre-wedding shoot was full of laughs and it felt as if we’d known each other for years! So I was looking really forward to this day and it didn’t disappoint!

It was a late November day and Noelle was able to incorporate a few nods to the festive season in the wedding. From the lush red berries in her bouquet to the candy candy cane favours, I loved the pops of red throughout the day!  Guests were greeted by a glass of mulled wine at the Four Seasons, which helped warm everyone up.

Despite the chill wind, Noelle and Stuart braved the elements to get some lovely portrait shots in the grounds of Galgorm.  There were some very interesting stories told during the speeches! And I was very impressed by some of the moves on the dance floor later.  All in all, a wonderful and happy occasion!

Noelle & Stuart_0000 Noelle & Stuart_0001 Noelle & Stuart_0002 Noelle & Stuart_0003 Noelle & Stuart_0004 Noelle & Stuart_0005 Noelle & Stuart_0006 Noelle & Stuart_0007Noelle & Stuart_0027Noelle & Stuart_0009 Noelle & Stuart_0010 Noelle & Stuart_0011 Galgorm Four Seasons wedding Noelle & Stuart_0013

Noelle & Stuart_0015 Galgorm Four Seasons weddingNoelle & Stuart_0026Noelle & Stuart_0018 Noelle & Stuart_0019 Noelle & Stuart_0020 Noelle & Stuart_0021 Noelle & Stuart_0022 Noelle & Stuart_0023 Noelle & Stuart_0024



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