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Back at the start of the year I had the pleasure of photographing Jill and Robert’s winter wedding.  I knew that it would be a great day from the fun we had on their pre-wedding shoot, and it didn’t disappoint. There were so many lovely details, and the flowers by Occasions were exquisite as always! Its the people involved who really make a day special.

Some sort of medal needs to go to this great couple, as they didn’t complain once about the cold, despite the arctic wind which was whistling! We went to a beautiful spot for the couple shots, near to where Jill and Robert’s new house is.  What a view!

The evening party got started, and what an energetic crowd there was! There was even a fiddler on the tabletop at one stage!  Here’s a few of my favourites from the day- enjoy!


Jill&Robert_0000 Jill&Robert_0001 Jill&Robert_0002 Jill&Robert_0003 Jill&Robert_0004 Jill&Robert_0005 Jill&Robert_0006 Jill&Robert_0007 Jill&Robert_0008 Jill&Robert_0009 Jill&Robert_0010 Jill&Robert_0011 Jill&Robert_0012 Jill&Robert_0013 Jill&Robert_0014 Jill&Robert_0015 Jill&Robert_0016 Jill&Robert_0017 Jill&Robert_0018 Jill&Robert_0019 Jill&Robert_0020 Jill&Robert_0021 Jill&Robert_0022 Jill&Robert_0023 Northern Ireland wedding photography Northern Ireland wedding photography Jill&Robert_0027 Jill&Robert_0028Jill&Robert_0030 Jill&Robert_0031




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