Wedding photographer Galway- Sarah and Cathal


wedding photographer galway

I had a lovely trip down to Galway this spring, for the wedding of Sarah and Cathal. I did feel as if I already knew Sarah, though we met for the first time on the wedding day!  The morning was very relaxed, and Sarah’s dad even found time to construct a sign for Cathal passing by on the way to the church!

Galway is such a beautiful city, full of history and culture.  The newly weds took a stroll along the cobbled streets of Galway to their favourite pub for a quick pint.

A fantastic evening was had by all, and there were some great moves being thrown on the dance floor! Here’s a few of my favourites from the day!


Sarah and Cathal_0001 Sarah and Cathal_0002 Sarah and Cathal_0003 Sarah and Cathal_0004 Sarah and Cathal_0005 Sarah and Cathal_0006 Sarah and Cathal_0007 Sarah and Cathal_0008 Sarah and Cathal_0009 Sarah and Cathal_0010 Sarah and Cathal_0011 Sarah and Cathal_0012 Sarah and Cathal_0013 Sarah and Cathal_0014 Sarah and Cathal_0015 Sarah and Cathal_0016 Sarah and Cathal_0017 Sarah and Cathal_0018 Sarah and Cathal_0019 Sarah and Cathal_0020 Sarah and Cathal_0021 Sarah and Cathal_0022 Sarah and Cathal_0023 Sarah and Cathal_0024 Sarah and Cathal_0025 Sarah and Cathal_0026 wedding photographer galway wedding photographer galway Sarah and Cathal_0029 wedding photographer galway Sarah and Cathal_0031 Sarah and Cathal_0032 Sarah and Cathal_0033 Sarah and Cathal_0034 Sarah and Cathal_0035Sarah and Cathal_0037 Sarah and Cathal_0038 Sarah and Cathal_0039 Sarah and Cathal_0040 Sarah and Cathal_0041 Sarah and Cathal_0042 Sarah and Cathal_0043 Sarah and Cathal_0044 Sarah and Cathal_0045 Sarah and Cathal_0046 Sarah and Cathal_0047 Sarah and Cathal_0048 Sarah and Cathal_0049 Sarah and Cathal_0050


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