Corick House – Karen & Arthur


Karen & Arthur_0000


Karen and Arthur had a gorgeous summer wedding at Corick House.  They are such a genuine and friendly couple, it really was a pleasure to be a part of it!  I was made to feel part of the family by everyone.  Corick House was a lovely venue with stunning gardens.  The flowers were in full bloom, which provided a stunning backdrop!

There was a special surprise for the guests during the meal, as a waiter burst into song! Before we knew it, guests were swinging napkins above their heads and singing along! Great fun!

Here’s a few of my favourites from the day- enjoy!


Karen & Arthur_0001 Karen & Arthur_0002 Karen & Arthur_0003 Karen & Arthur_0004 Karen & Arthur_0005 Karen & Arthur_0006 Karen & Arthur_0007 Karen & Arthur_0008 Karen & Arthur_0009 Karen & Arthur_0010 Karen & Arthur_0011 Karen & Arthur_0012 Karen & Arthur_0013 Karen & Arthur_0014 Karen & Arthur_0015 Corick House Corick House Corick House Karen & Arthur_0019 Karen & Arthur_0020 Karen & Arthur_0021 Karen & Arthur_0022 Karen & Arthur_0023 Karen & Arthur_0024 Karen & Arthur_0025 Karen & Arthur_0026 Karen & Arthur_0027 Karen & Arthur_0028 Karen & Arthur_0029 Karen & Arthur_0030 Karen & Arthur_0031 Karen & Arthur_0032


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