Wedding photography Northern Ireland- Ruth & Daniel


wedding photographer Northern Ireland

Ruth and Daniel’s day was full of smiles and laughter.  Ruth’s smile is totally infectious!

There were a few stressful moments at the church when the taxi transporting the best man and groomsman got a bit lost! Thankfully they arrived just before the bride!

The portraits were taken at the beautiful Castle Upon Estate.  The rain stopped just as the couple arrived, which is always nice!

The light in the evening was just perfect, and Ruth and Daniel were happy to slip away for a few portraits. Its a great idea to break up the portrait sessions and take advantage of a nice sunset when it presents itself! And evening portraits are so relaxed, what’s not to love?!
Ruth&Daniel_0001 Ruth&Daniel_0002 Ruth&Daniel_0003 Ruth&Daniel_0004 Ruth&Daniel_0005 Ruth&Daniel_0006 Ruth&Daniel_0007 Ruth&Daniel_0008 Ruth&Daniel_0009 Ruth&Daniel_0010 Ruth&Daniel_0011

Ruth&Daniel_0014 Ruth&Daniel_0012 Ruth&Daniel_0013
Ruth&Daniel_0015 Ruth&Daniel_0016 Ruth&Daniel_0017 Ruth&Daniel_0018 Ruth&Daniel_0019 Ruth&Daniel_0020 Ruth&Daniel_0021
Ruth&Daniel_0023 Ruth&Daniel_0024 Ruth&Daniel_0025 Ruth&Daniel_0026 Ruth&Daniel_0027 Ruth&Daniel_0028 Ruth&Daniel_0029 Ruth&Daniel_0030 Ruth&Daniel_0031 Ruth&Daniel_0032 Ruth&Daniel_0033 Ruth&Daniel_0034 Ruth&Daniel_0035 Ruth&Daniel_0036 Ruth&Daniel_0037 Ruth&Daniel_0038 Ruth&Daniel_0039
Ruth&Daniel_0041 Ruth&Daniel_0042 Ruth&Daniel_0043 Ruth&Daniel_0044



Ruth&Daniel_0063 Ruth&Daniel_0047 Ruth&Daniel_0048 Ruth&Daniel_0049 Ruth&Daniel_0051

wedding photographer Northern Ireland Ruth&Daniel_0052 Ruth&Daniel_0055

wedding photographer Northern Ireland Ruth&Daniel_0057 Ruth&Daniel_0058 Ruth&Daniel_0059

wedding photographer Northern Ireland



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