February 27, 2015

Lissanoure Castle wedding-Gemma and Kévin




Gemma and Kévin’s wedding was a Franco- Irish celebration!  It started off well, as Kévin surprised Gemma with an amazing gift on their wedding morning- a ukulele!

The reception took place at Lissanoure Castle, which meant that Gemma and Kévin could personalise the room as they wished.  It was a labour of love that included Gemma’s mum handcrafting many beautiful, rustic details! I loved the fusion of French and Irish, bringing together two cultures and families.  The food was amazing, and the wine had been transported over from France in a camper van!

Their Whitepark Bay pre-wed session is here, if you’d like a look!

Félicitations to Gemma and Kévin!

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