June 18, 2015

Janine and Thomas’ wedding- full of craic and dancing!


wedding photographers Northern Ireland

Janine and Thomas had such an amazing wedding! I smiled the whole day, right from fun with the girls in the morning, through to the best party in the evening- my shoes haven’t been the same since all that dancing!

It was such a happy occasion, which I loved being a part of!  After the ceremony, we headed down to the waterfalls for some portrait shots, and were rewarded with some magical light! One of my favourite parts of the day is when we take a little time away to get some couple shots. It’s nice to grab some moments when you can enjoy each other’s company and gaze into the eyes of your beloved!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day!


Janine & Thomas_0001Janine & Thomas_0002Janine & Thomas_0003Janine & Thomas_0004Janine & Thomas_0005Janine & Thomas_0006Janine & Thomas_0007Janine & Thomas_0008Janine & Thomas_0010Janine & Thomas_0011Janine & Thomas_0012Janine & Thomas_0013Janine & Thomas_0014Janine & Thomas_0015Janine & Thomas_0016Janine & Thomas_0017Janine & Thomas_0018Janine & Thomas_0019Janine & Thomas_0020Janine & Thomas_0021wedding photographers Northern IrelandJanine & Thomas_0023Janine & Thomas_0024Janine & Thomas_0025Janine & Thomas_0026wedding photographers Northern IrelandJanine & Thomas_0028Janine & Thomas_0029Janine & Thomas_0030Janine & Thomas_0031Janine & Thomas_0032Janine & Thomas_0033Janine & Thomas_0034Janine & Thomas_0035wedding photographers Northern IrelandJanine & Thomas_0037Janine & Thomas_0038Janine & Thomas_0039


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