Larchfield Estate wedding- Karen and Steve



Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you are enjoying the start of a beautiful autumn, definitely my favourite season!

I am doing a blog catchup after a busy summer! I have lots of wedding gorgeousness to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s Karen and Steve’s Larchfield Estate wedding, which was a lovely day! Such a great couple and they were just delighted to be tying the knot! Larchfield Estate was stunning as always, and the couple had provided a yummy afternoon tea for their guests- who doesn’t love scones and shortbread?!

The evening entertainment was fantastic, and the dance floor was packed from the start! I was so impressed with some of the moves that were being thrown!

Here’s some kind words from Karen and Steve:

“We wish to deliver some belated thanks to you for your amazing photography at our wedding.  We highly recommend your professional yet friendly and kind service. You managed to capture the wonderful moments of the day whilst being non-intrusive- which I imagine a difficult skill to master! Thanks again for all your help!”

Karen&Steve_0001Karen&Steve_0002Karen&Steve_0003Karen&Steve_0004Karen&Steve_0005Karen&Steve_0006Larchfield Estate weddingLarchfield Estate weddingKaren&Steve_0009Karen&Steve_0010Karen&Steve_0011Karen&Steve_0012Karen&Steve_0013Karen&Steve_0014Karen&Steve_0015Karen&Steve_0016Karen&Steve_0017Larchfield Estate wedding


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