Castle Coole wedding | Úna-Frances and Neil


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As Christmas is nearly upon us, I thought I’d share this stunning Castle Coole wedding of Úna- Frances and Neil. Call it your early Christmas pressie!

Wait til you see this beauty of a wedding. Those shoes! That dress! And a balloon?! But as always, the thing that make a wedding super special are the people. This was a lovely, relaxed wedding, simply celebrating the love and union of two families.

Castle Coole is a dream location for a wedding.  The room had been dressed beautifully, and it was a fantastic space to chat and enjoy delicious food!  Úna- Frances is a talented musician, and treated her guests to a musical interlude at the reception.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day! I hope you love this wedding as much as I did! Here are a few kind words from the bride and groom:

“Thanks again for being such a fantastic photographer on our wedding day- so many of our friends and family have complemented your very professional presence and have told us that ours are the best wedding photos they’ve seen ( I think that anyway, naturally…!).”

Úna-Frances & Neil


Una-Frances and Neil_0000Una-Frances and Neil_0001Una-Frances and Neil_0003Una-Frances and Neil_0004Una-Frances and Neil_0005Una-Frances and Neil_0006Una-Frances and Neil_0007Una-Frances and Neil_0008Una-Frances and Neil_0009Una-Frances and Neil_0010Una-Frances and Neil_0011Una-Frances and Neil_0012Una-Frances and Neil_0013Una-Frances and Neil_0014Una-Frances and Neil_0015Una-Frances and Neil_0016Castle Coole weddingUna-Frances and Neil_0018Una-Frances and Neil_0019Castle Coole weddingCastle Coole weddingUna-Frances and Neil_0022Una-Frances and Neil_0023Una-Frances and Neil_0024Una-Frances and Neil_0025Una-Frances and Neil_0026Una-Frances and Neil_0027Una-Frances and Neil_0028Una-Frances and Neil_0029Una-Frances and Neil_0030Una-Frances and Neil_0031Una-Frances and Neil_0032Una-Frances and Neil_0033Una-Frances and Neil_0034Una-Frances and Neil_0035Una-Frances and Neil_0036Una-Frances and Neil_0037Una-Frances and Neil_0038Una-Frances and Neil_0039Una-Frances and Neil_0040Una-Frances and Neil_0041Una-Frances and Neil_0042


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