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Relaxed Crawfordsburn weddings



Jemma and Scott are two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and I’m delighted to share their relaxed Crawfordsburn wedding with you.  It is very clear that they are perfect for each other! There’s wasn’t the most romantic of meetings back in 2008, when they met in a Spar of all places! Here’s Jemma on how they met:

“I started working in the Spar and Scott called in as it had a Subway. The first time he ever properly spoke to me I was so nervous I barely replied and just walked off. He said he was sure I didn’t like him as I just ran away. I got more comfortable with him and we were finally able to have a conversation. One night I just gave him my number as I though he was never going to ask. I have never been so forward in my life! I then checked my phone every 30 minutes to see if he’d texted me yet. I had to give strong hints to get him to ask me on a date!  I realise now this is his laid-back personality and that’s why we work so well together.”

So sweet!

Their ceremony was filled with emotions. That moment when they both saw each other for the first time was very moving.  Then the joy when they were pronounced husband and wife!  Jemma said:

“I think my favourite part of the day would have to be the ceremony. It was just so exciting getting to that part and there were so many amazing emotions I have never felt before. I still feel a bit of a tingle when I’m at other weddings as I now know exactly what the bride is feeling at that point, it’s hard to describe just how happy I felt.” 

After the ceremony, they went for a walk through the forest at Crawfordsburn Country Park.  It was a few quiet moments away from the busyness of the day, just to enjoy each other.  Before heading back to enjoy the wedding breakfast and hearing what two best men had to say! Here are a few of my favourite moments from the day.

Check out their Belfast pre-wedding shoot here.  If you’d like me to tell the story of your day, please get in touch here.

Relaxed Crawfordsburn wedding

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