Relaxed London engagement shoot


Relaxed London engagement session

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Samuel Johnson


London! What’s not to love? I have been able to visit lots of capital cities around the world, but London is still up there is one of my favourites.  There is a buzz to the place that is unmatched.  There is so much to see and so many shops to visit! So when Heather and Chris invited me over to shoot their pre-wedding shoot, I happily jumped on the plane!

Heather and Chris have called London home for several years, and thought it would be nice to document this part of their lives, before their Drenagh Estate wedding.

We started off at St Paul’s cathedral, before taking a walk over Millennium Bridge, as featured in Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince.  Thankfully we weren’t persued by any Death Eaters!  From there, we travelled on to Herne Hill and Brockwell Park.  One hundred and twenty-five acres of rolling meadows and ancient oaks, with great views of the London skyline.  We peeked in at the swimmers in Brockwell Lido.  Open air swimming in autumn was an act of bravery, or maybe madness, in my eyes!

What I love about pre-wedding shoots is the opportunity to hang out and get to know my couples.  Before the busyness and nerves of the wedding day, it’s so nice to get some lovely shots of you and your beloved.  And to chat about your plans over a cup of tea, or in this case a delicious Milkwood burger!  That’s why I offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot to all my couples.  If you’ve just got engaged and would like to find out more about what I offer, send me a message here.

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