How to relax in front of the camera (and even enjoy it!)


Hands up if you hate having your photo taken? If the thought of having a camera pointed at you brings you out in a cold sweat, read on! My clients love that I can help them to relax in front of the camera, so here are a few pointers to help you:

Rather than being frozen on the spot, I like to start each session with some walking. Tricky, I know! This movement looks far better than being stuck in one spot.

There will be plenty of hugging and interaction, as these moments are where the magic awaits!

Be aware of your hands, as these can be awkward. Think about the difference between having them clenched in a fist (!) vs having them placed lovingly on your beloved’s arm! Always having a physical connection makes the photos look so much more special.

If you find yourself tense and your shoulders hunched, take a deep breath and shake it out.

How to relax in front of the camera

This should be a fun experience! How often do you get to have professional photos taken? It’s a lovely excuse to dress up and spend a couple of hours with those you love, without distractions or someone looking at a screen.

Be in the moment. Rather than worrying how you look, focus on the person who is in front of you. Look at each other, chat and laugh! A natural smile is far better than a forced one.  Looking at someone else rather than the camera helps you to forget there is a camera pointed at you!

How to relax in front of the camera

I’m here to help. Getting to know your photographer is such an important part of helping you to relax. I love to chat and hear about your plans. Before the session, I help you to plan what to wear and what to expect.

I look for the best light and the most flattering angles to help you look like the best version of yourself. If you’re not sure what on earth to do with your hands, I will give you some directions to help.

You are not going to be magically transformed into Angelina Jolie, but who cares?! If you look happy and relaxed, you don’t need to be anyone but your own lovely self!

The point is, be yourself. Photos that show you relaxed and with the one will love will always be something to treasure. You will never have this moment again, so go for it!

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Hate the thought of getting your photo taken? Here are my top tips to help you relax in front of the camera