Northern Ireland wedding photography – Glenarm Castle marquee wedding – Tiffany and Robert


Glenarm Castle marquee wedding


A bride who will walk barefoot over rocks to get some beautiful portraits? Yes, please! 🙌🙌

When a girl from Louisiana marries a boy from Carnlough, you know it’s going to be special day!

There was so much to love about Tiffany and Robert’s wedding, starting with their first look, an emotion-filled ceremony, then their gorgeous marquee reception in the grounds of Glenarm Castle.



For those who may not be familiar with the concept, a first look is when you see your other half before the ceremony. It’s a great decision for those couples who want to have a couple of moments together before the ceremony. Here’s what Tiffany had to say about it:

“We decided that we wanted a quieter moment for just the two of us, rather than seeing each other for the first time in front of everyone. We’re both “happy tears” people, so it was good to have a few minutes to experience some of those big emotions together in private (and for me, knowing that my makeup artist was still around for touch ups was a bonus!). It also took some of the pressure off of us for that huge moment of walking down the aisle…I still cried happy tears, but I was much calmer for having seen him earlier that morning.”



Having a local wedding was so important to Tiffany and Robert. Robert has deep ties to his community in Carnlough and Glenarm, and Tiffany was excited to show off her new home to all her friends and family from the US!

They realised early on that a marquee was going to suit the size and style of their wedding. Robert had already attended a wedding in one of EventCo’s marquees before, so knew the setup would be perfect!



They also had a clear idea of what style of photography they wanted. Their biggest concern was finding someone who would help them to look and feel natural in the photos.

Tiffany said “Neither of us feels especially photogenic and neither of us likes super staged photos (ok, who does?!), so it was important to find someone we trusted to get us through those two issues. Also, we both felt strongly about having a light and airy feel to our wedding and thus to our photos – that’s what we loved about the photos we saw on Emma’s website!”

Awh, so sweet! I love to help my couples feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera!



Everyone says that your wedding day goes by in a flash! That’s why you need time to enjoy being with your guests, chatting, and even sampling a canape or two! I never ask you to spend hours away getting photos on the day. We get our formal photos done, leaving you with plenty of time to mingle and enjoy the moment! During that time, I love to get plenty of candid shots of you and your guests having a great time! I asked Tiffany what her favourite part of the day was:

“We both agree that the drinks reception in the Walled Garden after the ceremony was our favourite part! Planning for any part of a wedding in Ireland to be outdoors is a nerve-wracking decision, but we got a beautiful afternoon in the garden! It was so lovely to get to spend more time with our guests, enjoy some music in a gorgeous setting, and to finally eat something!!”

Yes to getting to enjoy your day! And what a day it was! A big thanks to Tiffany and Robert for trusting me to be a part of your special day.

If you are planning your marquee wedding, please get in touch!



Here are the other amazing vendors involved:


Reception: Glenarm Castle

Marquee: Eventco Marquees

Food: The Fatted Calf

Cake: Life is SweetDougies Goodies

Bar: Event Bar Solutions (The Halfway House)

Dress: Ivory Bridal Atelier

Alterations: PerfectFit

Bridesmaid skirts: Stitches Couture Houston

Suits: Red Groomswear

Hair: Hair Time

Makeup: Carly Proctor Makeup

Nails: Lynn Adams Beauty

Music: The Weir Sisters, Kieran Mckillop

Flowers: Mary McNicholl

Cars: Vintage Wedding Vehicles