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Here’s a Portstewart family photography session with one of my favourite families!

We’ve made it (just about).

We are emerging from some of the strangest and toughest times ever. There’s been fear, home-schooling, banana bread baking, shortages of loo roll, sickness, loss of income, too much death and a separation from our nearest and dearest.

But we have made it through. I think we should celebrate that! And what better way to celebrate than booking a (socially distanced) family portrait session?!

Guess what? Family sessions are fun!

I know that some people dread the thought of getting their photo taken. Maybe you think you need to wait until you lose that extra lockdown weight. (You don’t. You look amazing just as you are!)

Or maybe you are scared that your kids won’t behave like angels. Spoiler alert- they probably won’t! But it doesn’t matter. It’s about being together. I love capturing families just as they are. My ability to put you at ease means your family story is captured in a creative and relaxed way. Having five nieces and nephews means that I have plenty of practice and often know just what to say to get a smile from the little ones!

Maybe you have been meaning to get some family shots for ages. But the busyness of life kept getting in your way, as it has a habit of doing!  We’ve all been given the gift of plenty of time recently! Why not set aside an afternoon to get some lovely images of you and your family, something that you can enjoy for years to come?

The past few months have given us a clearer understanding of what is important. It’s about connection and family.

Let’s document your family, just as they are, right now.

Find out more about my family photography Northern Ireland here.

Email me at emma@emmahutchinsonphotography.co.uk to book your Portstewart family photography session.  Portstewart Strand is such a great location for your family photo session.


Portstewart family photography - Emma Hutchinson Photography

Beach family photography Portstewart


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