Family photography Northern Ireland- In celebration of Dads

Family photography Northern Ireland

Beach family photography Portstewart

In celebration of dads

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time to round up some of my favourite dad shots. There are some funny moments and some tender moments, showing us why dads are so great!

Dad Jokes

Dad jokes are infamous. Often cracked at inappropriate times and highly embarrassing, we do have to admit they make us laugh! Dads bring the fun and lighten the mood.

Here’s Emma’s dad using a couple of teabags to ensure his eyes aren’t puffy on the wedding morning!

In celebration of dads

Dads and Daughters ❤️

“One of the greatest things about daughters is how they adored you when they were little; how they rushed into your arms with electric delight and demanded that you watch everything they do and listen to everything they say.” Michael Josephson

Here’s Valentina and her dad enjoying a wee hug.

in celebration of dads

Family portraits Northern Ireland

Dads and Sons

Dads teach us how to enjoy life through wrestling, running and even throwing kids in the air!

There is nothing like being flung in the air by your dad! (not as adult, obviously, as they would probably put their backs out!)

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Father of the Bride speech

The father of the bride speech is often is very touching, especially when the father lets his daughter know how proud he is of her. Of course, a few stories need to be told, including some embarrassing ones! Father’s like to impart some wisdom and advice and everyone appreciates when it is short and sweet!

Here Cathy’s dad was dropping the subtle hint during his speech that he wanted a few pints of Guinness bought to him that evening!

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In celebration of Dads- Father Daughter Dance

An American tradition that is starting to become more popular here is to have a dance with your dad. It’s lovely to spend a few minutes together to reflect on the occasion. Here, Tiffany took to the dance floor with her dad and they shared a few special moments.

Marquee wedding Northern Ireland

My Dad

A post about Fathers wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to my great dad. He’s got an amazing work ethic and built his business up from scratch.  He’s embarrassed me with his dad jokes, and I still cringe when I think of that time he sat on my knee at a school parent’s evening in front of my friends! He is kind and always thinks of others.  And his determination through years of ill health are an inspiration.

Emma Hutchinson


To all the great dads out there, thank you! Life wouldn’t be the same without you! Happy Father’s Day!

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