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What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

You’ve been planning your wedding for months, maybe even years. You dream of guests enjoying themselves at the drinks’ reception, basking in the summer sun, while you and your other half take a romantic stroll through gardens. Then you remember that you live in Northern Ireland, and the summer season is no guarantee of good weather. Did you know that Belfast averages 944mm of rainfall and 156 days of rain per year? 😢☔ But before you decide to elope to Southern California, wait! Just plan ahead, and rain on your wedding won’t spoil your day.

Have a back-up plan

We never know what the weather is going to do here, so it’s always worth having an indoor back up plan! Ask your venue what space they have available for group shots on a wet day. Ideally, it should have good natural light and be clutter free. Your photographer will look for a few quiet spots with good light, away from the crowds, for some portraits.  Having a back up plan means that it’s less stress on the day if the weather doesn’t co-operate.

Get creative when thinking about your couple shots. Lisa and Ryan went back to where they first met, at The Parlour, Belfast! Fast forward eight years to their wedding day, and it seemed fitting to return to the spot for some portraits as husband and wife!

Belfast wedding photography

What happens if it rains on your wedding day? Embrace it!

Apparently rain on your wedding day is good luck?! A knot that gets wet is hard to untie, so when you “tie the knot” on a wet day, your marriage will be stronger. Make your own mind up about that one!

It makes sense to have a couple of umbrellas in your car. Simple white is fine and casts a flattering light. And as long as it’s not too wet, I’m happy to venture outside with you.  We can look for sheltered spots under trees and doorways.  Rain is a good excuse to cuddle together for warmth!

Heather and Ryan were happy to grab a couple of umbrellas and head out for some portraits. Embrace the elements and you could get some memorable shots!

northern Ireland wedding photographer

Be Flexible

Keep an eye on the forecast- there might be a break in the rain. So open to the possibility of getting your couple shots later in the day, or heading out before first dance to catch the last of the light.

Don’t panic!  You have chosen your wedding suppliers because you love what they do.  So trust that whatever the weather, we will do our very best to help you have an utterly amazing wedding day, come rain or shine.

Dreangh wedding photography

You can plan for years, but you can never control the weather. Whatever the weather may look like, the day is still a celebration of you and your love. Rain may not be ideal, but plan ahead, embrace the weather and be flexible. Wet weather doesn’t have to spoil your day!

See Heather and Chris’ Drenagh Estate wedding here.

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