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Why a selfie just won’t do. Hear me out…

So many mums say to me that the only decent photo they have of their family is a selfie.

Sound familiar?

Yes, a selfie is great- it’s quick, it’s relaxed and it’s relatively painless.

So why bother with professional photos when there is the selfie stick!? Well, for THIS very good reason!

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How many times have YOU taken a selfie just to look back at it and think “why do I look so awkward!??”

Maybe it’s not knowing what to do with your hands. Or the fear of having five chins (I blame the angle!). Or the worry that the camera will zoom in on your wrinkles. But being tense means that you have a Chandler Bing grimace in every photo.

When you invest in a professional family photo session, you don’t have to worry about looking awkward, bad angles or funny lighting. I guide you to the best light and most flattering poses, then let your family magic unfold as you chat, laugh and even have a tickle. This is where the connection is, and these are the special moments that I love to capture for you.

My ability to put you at ease means your family story is captured in a creative and relaxed way. Having five nieces and nephews means that I have plenty of practice and often know just what to say to get a smile from the little ones! I have seen it all- tempers, huffing, shyness- and it doesn’t faze me. Remaining calm is what I do, and I adapt to each family dynamic.

family photoshoot Portrush family tickling on bed

Here’s what my client Anna had to say:

“Emma is so friendly and approachable. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot. She was our favourite bit!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on why a selfie just won’t do.

Are you ready to upgrade from a selfie and book a family photo session? Message me to book your session!




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