The ONE thing you need to know about at-home family photography (and it’s not what you think…)

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When it comes to at-home family photography, many of us often imagine perfect, magazine-worthy pictures in immaculate homes with everything in its place.

But let’s be real, life with a family rarely looks like that.

So, let’s dive into the world of at-home family photography and discover what you really need to know about it!

Dad lifting baby girl in air

Be real!

Home is where we are most ourselves. Your life is in that space. Show me the toast crumbs, the toys, the artwork on the fridge!

The point of these at home sessions is to be comfortable and real. Don’t go mad tidying everything away before I arrive, it’s all about showing the beauty of your everyday life as a family. Fun, laughter and letting the kids be kids, without the pressure of everybody sitting perfectly.

Your home, with all its quirks, is the perfect backdrop to showcase the real, unfiltered moments of your family’s life. Whether it’s the kids playing with their toys, a chaotic game of Dobble, or the cozy morning cuddles in bed, these moments are the heart and soul of your family.

Celebrate imperfections 😮

The beauty of at-home family photography is that it allows you to embrace imperfections. Your home doesn’t need to be spotless, and your kids don’t need to be perfectly behaved. In fact, it’s often the little imperfections that make a photograph feel genuine.

family of five on bed for family photos

Forget About “Cheese, please” 🧀

One of the most significant misconceptions about family photography is the need for everyone to pose and smile at the camera. Instead, focus on candid moments. Let your family be themselves and capture them as they are. By playing and having fun, that will  bring out genuine expressions, laughter, and those unscripted moments that you’ll cherish for years to come.

At-home family photography- Let there be light! 💡

Natural light is your best friend! I look for a couple of rooms in your house with great natural light- that’s generally the living room and the master bedroom. Pay attention to the background, removing any distracting clutter that may take away from the focus of the photo. Then you let your family magic unfold!

family of three at home photos

The truth is, the one thing you need to know about at-home family photography is that you don’t need to live in a show home to capture beautiful, meaningful moments.

In fact, the most treasured family photographs are often taken in the midst of life’s messiness and chaos.

Your family’s unique, unfiltered life, with all its imperfections, is what makes your photos special and authentic. Celebrate the everyday moments, embrace the chaos, and cherish the little details that tell your family’s story. By focusing on authenticity and forgetting about the need for perfection, you’ll capture timeless memories that reflect the true beauty of your family life.

So, book your at- home family photography session and let’s capture the real moments that matter the most.

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