Let me paint a familiar picture for you: you’re trying to wrangle your kids for that perfect family photo, but it feels like herding cats, am I right? 

You’ve got one little angel posing perfectly, and just as you’re about to snap the pic, chaos erupts!  It’s like trying to keep frogs in a bucket – nearly impossible! 

This is exactly what happened to my client Lynne. She had just welcomed baby number 3, and wanted ONE nice photo of her kids. So instead of stressing about how she’d bribe her kids, she booked me to come to document this chapter of their lives.

two kids with baby sister

On our family photo session, I didn’t just get ONE nice photo for Lynne, but a whole gallery full of precious moments. And the best bit? There was no stressing or kiddie wrangling needed! 

“Oh my, those photos are all fab!! Bit emotional looking at them to be honest! Better than I could have imagined.”

In fact, she loved them so much she ended up getting the full album for granny and grandad to enjoy, too! 

mum and son hugging

When you book a family photo session with me, consider the stress of capturing those precious moments off your shoulders. With five nieces and nephews of my own, I’ve honed my skills in the art of silliness, mastered funny faces, and even declared myself the reigning champion of tickle wars! 

During our time together, I’ll work my magic to capture those candid, laughter-filled moments that truly reflect your family’s unique bond. I want you all to feel relaxed, let loose, and simply enjoy being together. After all, the best photos come when you’re not even thinking about the camera!

mum and daughter hugging

So, if you’re tired of the photo shoot struggles and ready for some wall-worthy family photos without the hassle, just send me an email with a quick “YES” and let’s make some magic happen! 




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