Northern Ireland family photography- Why your next family photos should be at the beach

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If you’re thinking about where to take your next set of family photos, look no further than the beach! There’s something about the ocean waves, the sandy shores, and the golden light that makes it the perfect backdrop for capturing those special moments. Here’s why the beach is the best place to bring the family for a photoshoot.

family fun on the beach

Nature at its best

The beach has got it all- the colours, the textures, the views.  From the sparkling blue waves to the golden sands, you can get a whole range of looks without moving more than a few steps. It’s basically Instagram in real life.

sunset family photos

Great Lighting

Ever heard of the “golden hour”? It’s that magical time just after sunrise or before sunset when everything is bathed in a warm glow. The beach is the perfect spot to take advantage of that lighting. You’ll look amazing, the kids will look adorable, and the photos will have that soft, dreamy vibe everyone loves.

family running on the beach

Plenty of Space to Play

One of the best things about family photos on the beach is all the space. The kids can run, jump, splash, and do all the things they usually do, and you can just capture it all as it happens. No awkward posing or trying to get them to sit still. It’s all about natural, candid moments.

Laid-Back Atmosphere

Forget the stiff, formal studio photos where everyone’s wearing their Sunday best clothes. The beach is super chill, and that vibe rubs off on everyone. You can be in your favourite shorts or sundress. The result? Happy, relaxed family photos.

If you’re ready to get some amazing family photos at the beach, I am taking bookings into June, July and August. If you have a summer shoot on your mind, email me the word SUMMER to get your date in the diary!




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