White Rocks Beach in Portrush is an absolute dream for family photos, and let me tell you why it’s one of the best beaches for family photography for my clients. 

Picture this: soft golden sands stretching for miles, bordered by towering limestone cliffs that reach the sky, all while the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean dance in the background. Just the loveliest backdrop for your family photos!

family of 4 on the beach

Looking for wall worthy photos?

But here’s what really sets White Rocks Beach, Portrush apart: the endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Now, here’s the thing: I’m not your average photographer. Sure, anyone can snap a pic, but I’ve got this knack for capturing those real, unscripted moments that make your family who they are. Think less “say cheese” and more spontaneous giggles and inside jokes. Let’s hit the beach and turn your family’s story into a collection of photos that you’ll want to put up on your walls!

Want to make some sunshine memories with your family?

From paddling in the shallows and building sandcastles to exploring hidden sea caves and collecting seashells, there’s no shortage of excitement for the whole family. And let’s not forget about the incredible sunsets—book a sunset session to capture those magical moments.

Look no further for the best beach for family photography

So if you are looking for candid shots of laughter and play, White Rocks Beach provides the perfect backdrop for creating special memories with your loved ones. Round up your favourite crew and get ready for a couple of hours of laughter and connection at this stunning coastal location! With my ability to capture relaxed and genuine moments, we’ll turn this photo session into a fun-filled adventure you’ll cherish forever.

I am now booking beach family photography session dates in June, July and August. If you want an adventure on one of the best beach for family photography this summer, get in touch to secure your date! 




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Are you herding cats when you try to get a family photo? 

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