Beach Family Photography Northern Ireland

Life is busy.  Take a moment to be fully present without the distraction of screens or the long to-do list
Don’t worry about how you’ll get your kids to cooperate, for most of the session you’ll be walking, running, hugging and tickling.
family of four on beach
mum with sons beach photos
father and son on the beach
family of five Downhill Beach photos
family of four Ballintoy Harbour photos
family of 4 on the beach
family of five photo shoot
family running on the beach
family fun on the beach
extended family shoot on the beach with granny

Who are Northern Ireland beach sessions most suited for?

Beach sessions are perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and want their photos to reflect that laid-back, relaxed vibe.  We are lucky to have the beautful beaches along the North Coast of Northern Ireland to serve as a beautiful backdrop to your family photos.

One of the best things about the beach is all the space.  The kids can run, jump, splash, and do the things they usually do, and I will capture it all as it happens.

No awkward posing or trying to get them to sit still.  It’s all about natural, candid moments.

mum and two sons hugging

Here are my FAVOURITE North Coast Northern Ireland beaches

Family Photos

Family Photos

Family Photos


If you’re wondering what a photo session with me looks like, you’re in for a treat.

It’s all about the fun!

Get ready for a session that’s more playdate than photoshoot!

I’m all about laughter, cuddles, games, and just having a great time together. Say bye-bye to those attempts at forced perfection – this is about capturing the genuine joy of your family.
family of five Downhill Beach photos
family of five Downhill Beach photos

Embrace the Wild and Wonderful!

Tired of trying to force the kids into picture-perfect poses? During our time together, I encourage the little ones to be themselves. Whether they’re exploring, jumping, or being wonderfully silly, we’re here to embrace the chaos and capture those candid, priceless moments. Because that’s where the magic happens!

No “Sit Still and Smile”

Forget about the idea that the kids have to sit still and smile. I’m here to capture the real you, in all your authentic glory. While I might suggest a cozy pose or guide you to the best light, the focus is on letting the spontaneity unfold. This is about telling your unique story in a way that feels natural and true to you.
family of five Downhill Beach photos
family of five Downhill Beach photos

When’s the best time for beach photos?

Ever heard of the “golden hour”? It’s that magical time just after sunrise or before sunset when everything is bathed in a warm glow. The beach is the perfect spot to take advantage of that lighting. You’ll look amazing, the kids will look adorable, and the photos will have that soft, dreamy vibe everyone loves. Sunset sessions mean the beach is less busy, allowing you to relax more.

Emma was fabulous from start to finish

I hate getting my photo taken and was worried that it would be hard to get photos of both kids.

Emma made us feel so relaxed and we really enjoyed the session. The photos are amazing and I’m so happy to have these to look back on!”


Have you been talking about getting family photos for years?

Don’t let another year go by without those family photos you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s make it happen. Get in touch with me today to schedule your session and start creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.