Not only will you get wall-worthy, beautiful photographs to treasure, I will make the experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. I truly believe that capturing your family just as you are is a gift, and that these images that freeze-frame the love, the laughter, the comfort and the chaos will become heirlooms for future generations.

what to expect

I know that getting in front of the camera can feel intimidating, but don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through the whole process.

Before your session, I send you through a detailed questionnaire to establish which photos are most important, to get an introduction to your family and to make sure that your experience is unique and tailored just right for your family setup.

I’ve also put together a handy style guide to help you navigate any potential wardrobe crises. Comfort is key, but this little cheat sheet uses my years of experience to help you look and feel your best on the day.

My clients love that I help them to relax in front of the camera. With plenty of chat, preparing ahead and keeping it fun, you’ll soon forget about the camera pointed at you and enjoy time with your best people.

I guide you to the best light and most flattering poses, then let your family magic unfold as you chat, laugh and even have a tickle. This is where the connection is, and these are the special moments that I love to capture for you.

If you want me to capture your family story, get in touch HERE.

mum and two sons hugging
Belfast family photography

Family Photography

at home

There’s no place like home – it’s the space you and your family do the most of your living and growing and laughing and loving in, and no matter how big or small your house might be, it’s always a treasure trove of photography opportunities.

 Don’t panic about tidying up! You don’t have to live in a show house! I look for the best light in a couple of rooms to capture your family story.

My ability to put you at ease means your family story is captured in a creative and relaxed way. Having five nieces and nephews means that I have plenty of practice and often know just what to say to get a smile from the little ones!



Life is busy. Take a moment to be fully present, without the distraction of screens or the long to-do list.

 Capture your family story that you and your children will enjoy for years to come. 

 Don’t worry about how you’ll get your kids to co-operate. For most of the session you’ll be walking, running, hugging and tickling. 

 We are lucky to have the beautiful beaches along the North Coast of Northern Ireland to serve as a beautiful backdrop to your family photos.

Family photography Northern Ireland


Ready to invest in family memories this year? My pricing is simple: you start with your session fee, then you can add an upgrade collection.

Step One: Your session fee

Your session fee is £275 which includes:

A handy pre-shoot styling guide to make sure your family and home are picture-perfect.

A personalised questionnaire, which is the perfect way for me to get to know your family before our session!

A 1.5 hour session for up to 6 people: At home sweet home or on a beautiful North Coast beach – it’s your call! (50 miles from BT51 included)

A password-protected online gallery where all your lovely images will be showcased.

The cherry on top: your favourite 5 hand-edited, high-res digital images, ready for you to print and enjoy!

Keep reading to see your upgrade options below.

Step Two: Upgrade Collections

The Upgrade Collections can be chosen before or after your session.

Collection One

Keeping it simple

An extra 5 of your favourite images for digital download.




Collection Two

mum and dad with newborn baby

Want more?

If you find it impossible to choose just 5 images, you can purchase all your images for digital download (50+).


Collection Three

Want it all, plus some prints?

Upgrade to all of your digital images (50 +)

10 6 x 4 prints and 3 8 x 10 prints, ready to display in your home.




Extended family photos are like creating your very own family album party!

It’s about catching all the crazy, heart-warming chaos that happens when the whole gang gets together. Think belly laughs, inside jokes, and a lot of “remember when” stories.

These sessions aren’t just about posing and smiling; they’re about the quirks that make your family uniquely yours. Grandparents sharing their wisdom, kids showing off their antics – it’s a snapshot of the whole family.

And let’s be real, these photos aren’t just for now; they’re like time-travel tickets to relive those moments and show future generations what this chapter of your family story looked like.

Extended family sessions start from £275 for up to six people, plus £25 for each additional person.

extended family shoot on the beach with granny

Kind Words



Emma, we’ve just watched the slideshow you sent! Smiles all round- I am so, so delighted! You are so talented at what you do!

I love taking photos, usually without me in them, but you have really captured the in- between moments and I love them!!

We are so happy with them! I can’t thank you enough!

Honestly, they mean so much to me after a crappy few years, I really appreciate it.

Thanks again.



Thank you!

I was worried that the children wouldn’t co-operate!

My favourite part of the service was how relaxed the session was. It was enjoyable, and the photos are beautiful. 


At home family photography Belfast


Emma, you have captured our family perfectly. 

I love every single picture.

I’ve tears in my eyes!




Through your magic, you have allowed us to have a beautiful snap shot of who we are as a family right now! And you have done it so wonderfully showing our family in all its love and craziness!

I can’t wait to get them printed and up on the wall for everyone to see and enjoy!



Emma was fabulous from start to finish

I hate getting my photo taken and was worried that it would be hard to get photos of both kids.

Emma made us feel so relaxed and we really enjoyed the session. The photos are amazing and I’m so happy to have these to look back on!”



Got questions? Keep reading for some of my most frequently asked questions.

What if my kids don't behave?!

That’s totally ok! There’s no pressure for the kids to perform or sit nicely. In fact, cheekiness is encouraged. For most of the session you will be laughing, running and giving each other cuddles!


Help! I don't know what to wear!

I guarantee you’re not the only person to have felt like this before a shoot. I have put together a style guide to help with outfit planning to ensure you look and feel your best on the day.

How long will the session last?

Please allow 1-2 hours for your session. I want to keep it as fun an experience as possible for both you and your kids.

What happens if it rains?

If you’ve chosen a beach shoot, I’ll look at the weather forecast a few days before the session. If it looks like the heavens are planning on opening, we can reschedule.

Do you take any posed shots?

I do take some family shots of everyone looking at the camera, as these are great for granny! For the rest of the session, I direct you into flattering poses with the best light, and let your family magic unfold.

It sounds great! How do we book?

Use the contact form below to send me an enquiry.  A £200 booking fee secures your date, with the remainder balance due one week before your shoot. I can’t wait to document your family story!

family of four on the beach

Dear Emma

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