I’m Emma, a family photographer in Northern Ireland

a family photographer on the beach in Northern Ireland

I live in Kilrea, which is the centre of the universe, don’t you know? Famous for Mullins ice cream and being the place people drive through to get somewhere else!

I love… (in no particular order) travelling, new adventures, baking, kissing my adorable nieces and nephews, foam banana sweets, 90’s music and making things.

How I Do Things…

I’m a maker of art and a taker of pictures. With a degree in Fine Art, I shoot images which are at once creative and a true reflection of you. My approach is a blend of chatty, relaxed fun and serious composition and technical photography geekery.

What does this mean for you? Well, it should be the best of both worlds. You get to feel at ease in front of the camera, while we have a good old chat and a bit of a giggle, and my brain will be whirring away in the background figuring out the best angles and how the light will fall just so to make the finished pictures as lovely as possible.

This isn’t about taking pictures of you in your spotless home, with your kids sitting beautifully calmly and quietly. When I say ‘natural portraiture’, I mean the giggles, the grimaces, the gorgeous funny moments that come from kids being their truest, cheekiest selves.

You want relaxed photos that show you at your best, surrounded by your favourite people. No awkward smiles or stuffy poses here!

Why being an auntie makes me a better photographer

As an auntie of five, I’ve become a master of silliness, a connoisseur of funny faces, and an expert in tickle wars. 

These skills come in handy during family photography sessions because they help me capture those spontaneous, laughter-filled moments. I want your family to feel at ease, to let loose, and to have fun during our time together. 

After all, the best photographs often come from the moments when we forget about the camera and simply enjoy the magic of being together.

That’s enough about me! What about you? It would be great to hear about what you’re looking for from a family photographer Northern Ireland and to get to know you.  Please get in touch to find out more about family photography in Northern Ireland.



Portstewart family photographer on the beach