Gift Certificate


Give a gift they won’t forget (or just a little something for yourself!)

Are you thinking that you’d like to book a family photoshoot for later in the year, or are you looking for a gift that is that little bit special?

A photography gift voucher is the perfect present for friends and family for birthdays, special occasions and for Christmas!

Awkward poses, frozen smiles and matching cheesy outfits begone!

I’m here to put you at ease, and freeze frame you being yourselves, complete with noise and laughter and chaos!   My style is focused on telling your family story in a creative, relaxed way, and I can’t wait to get started.

It’s so often the case that our family photos are slightly blurry phone selfies, or that someone (mums, I’m looking at you here) is always the one behind the camera and avoids being in the shot at all costs.

Choosing me as your family photographer means making an investment in your memories. I promise a fun and laid-back experience, where you can all feel at ease to be yourselves, whether toddler, teen or terrific parent!

 The gift voucher can be used for an outdoor or an at home photography session. The session includes up to 5 people, will last for 1 hour and includes 5 digital images.

 Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


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